HIV Prevention Singapore | STD

HIV Prevention in Singapore: HIV prevention Singapore: HIV prevention may be done before exposure with HIV PrEP, during sex with condoms, and after exposure with HIV PEP.




Safe sex activities:

There are activities that avoid contact and exchange of body fluids and include hugging, stroking, mutual masturbation and kissing.

Low risk activities:

Vaginal and anal intercourse with condoms, oral sex with a condom.

High risk activities:

Vaginal and anal intercourse without a condom, oral sex without a condom.


HIV-infected patients should be encouraged to notify their partners and to refer them for counselling and testing. If the patient is unwilling to notify his/her partner, the first step should be for the doctor to make the notification. The doctor is empowered to do so under the Infectious Diseases Act (see section 25a). If the doctor is unable or unwilling to make the notification, then the case can be referred to the Ministry of Health.


There is no firm evidence to recommend for or against prophylaxis post-sexual or i/v exposure.

Please refer to chapter on HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) for sexual contact.

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