Trichomoniasis Prevention Singapore

Trichomoniasis Prevention in Singapore: Trichomoniasis, or “trich,” is a sexually transmitted infection that may cause itching and discharge, or may not cause symptoms. It can be easily treated.


There is no vaccine for trichomoniasis. Currently, there isn’t much research on trichomoniasis, because the disease has been thought not to be very serious and so research money hasn’t been devoted to it. However, with the association of trichomoniasis and other serious diseases like HIV, there may be more attention paid to this sexually transmitted infection.

It’s thought that condoms can prevent the spread of this infection. It hasn’t been definitively proven that condoms can prevent trichomoniasis from spreading, but it’s very likely that condoms are effective in preventing the spread of the disease, as they reduce or eliminate the mixing of genital fluids between partners. Keep in mind that mixing of the genital fluids on the hands can also spread the infection, so you should avoid touching both your partner’s genitals and your own. Also, penetration and ejaculation are not necessary to spread the infection. To prevent trichomoniasis, you need to put on the condom before the genitals come into contact with each other, not just when you’re planning to have penetrative sex. (There are sexual fluids that come out of the penis long before ejaculation; this fluid is called pre-ejaculate and can carry many sexually transmitted infections.)

You should also avoid sharing sex toys, unless they are washed thoroughly in between uses. Your partner can use a sex toy on you, as long as it touches only your genitals; you can then use a different sex toy on your partner. As long as you don’t both use the same sex toy without washing it, then it’s unlikely that you’ll get trichomoniasis.