Syphilis Testing Singapore

Syphilis Testing in Singapore: Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by bacteria. Antibiotics can cure it if treated early, but if left until later it can cause permanent damage.


Because syphilis can manifest in so many different ways at each of its stages, the diagnosis of syphilis usually requires testing. Most commonly, a blood test is used. The blood tests don’t become positive until 2-5 weeks after exposure. Sometimes, the first blood test can produce a false positive, so a second type of blood test is used to confirm the diagnosis if the first test is positive. (This doesn’t require another blood draw; the same blood sample is used for the second test.) If a positive blood test is obtained, it only means that the person has syphilis; it doesn’t reveal which stage of syphilis the person is in.

It’s also possible to diagnose syphilis using fluid from the chancre (the sore of primary syphilis). Doctors can look for the bacteria in the fluid under a micrscope, or can test the fluid for the bacterial DNA. These tests are less commonly used than the blood test, but may be useful in some cases.