HIV Prevention Singapore

HIV Prevention in Singapore: HIV is a virus that damages the immune system, leaving one vulnerable to other infections. It’s acquired through bodily fluids (blood and sex). Treatment can help to manage the illness.


Unfortunately, there is currently no vaccine available for HIV, although there are many research teams around the world actively working on the development of an HIV vaccine. The only way to prevent HIV is to avoid coming into contact with the virus.

HIV often spreads through sexual contact. Because of this, safe sex is very important. Unless both you and your partner are monogamous, you should use a condom every single time that you have sex. Even if you’re using birth control, the condom is important to prevent sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV. Using a condom could save your life. Remember that HIV can be transmitted not only in semen, but also in pre-ejaculate and vaginal fluid, so you need to use the condom the whole time rather than putting it on partway through sex. The condom should be used whether you’re having vaginal, oral, or anal sex. When performing oral sex on a woman, you can use a dental dam to protect yourself from HIV.

Because HIV can spread through the blood, avoiding contact of your blood with another person’s blood is an important part of HIV prevention. You should avoid sharing needles with anyone; if you’re a drug user, sterilize needles between uses, or keep your own needles away from others. If you get a tattoo, make sure that the shop sterilizes needles between clients, so you aren’t exposed to someone else’s blood. If you work in a healthcare setting, always wear gloves when handling bodily fluids, and be very careful around needles. If you do get an accidental needle stick, you should seek appropriate medical attention immediately.