Hepatitis B Treatment Singapore

Hepatitis B Treatment in Singapore: Hepatitis B is a virus that causes liver damage. It’s acquired through needles and sex. A vaccine and treatment are both available, though there’s no cure.


There is an effective treatment for hepatitis B. Antiviral drugs are available that stop the virus from replicating, so that it doesn’t cause further liver damage. These are generally used first, usually a combination of two antiviral medications. Immune system modulators can also be effective; these medications help the body’s immune cells keep the virus under control. Unfortunately, however, none of these drugs are able to completely clear the body of the hepatitis B virus. Chronic hepatitis B requires lifelong treatment in many cases, to keep the virus under control. Unfortunately, the medications that are used to treat hepatitis B have side effects and are expensive.

Treatment in the acute phase of the infection is only used if someone is gravely ill; it’s not necessary in many cases, since most people recover from this phase. After people enter the chronic phase, some of them need treatment. Those who have the virus present in their blood and who show signs of liver damage on blood tests are usually treated for the disease, although doctors don’t all agree on exactly when treatment should be started. If a person has the virus, but doesn’t show any signs of liver damage, then the risk of side effects from the antiviral drugs may be greater than the benefit of the treatment, and so those patients often aren’t given the medications.

If you have chronic hepatitis B, then your liver will be at risk for damage. This means that you should avoid other activities that can damage the liver. For instance, it’s best to avoid alcohol, since it can worsen liver damage. Certain medications, including some over-the-counter medications and herbs that are safe for most people, should be avoided by those with hepatitis B; check with your doctor before you take any medication or supplement. You’ll need to be extra-careful to protect your liver if you have hepatitis B.

In those with severe liver damage, the only possible cure is a liver transplant. Unlike the functions of the kidneys, which can be replaced by dialysis if the kidneys fail, the functions of the liver cannot be replaced by medical treatment. You must have a liver in order to live.