Hepatitis B Symptoms Singapore

Hepatitis B Symptoms in Singapore: Hepatitis B is a virus that causes liver damage. It’s acquired through needles and sex. A vaccine and treatment are both available, though there’s no cure.


In many people, the initial infection with hepatitis B doesn’t cause any symptoms. These people may not even know that they’re infected, although they’re able to transmit the infection to others. For other people, when they first become infected, they develop a condition known as acute hepatitis. This causes symptoms of liver failure, including yellow skin, dark urine, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, and fatigue. Some people die from this phase of the illness, although if you have hepatitis B in Singapore, you have good medical facilities available and you are likely to recover.   Many people recover from the acute illness, so they may believe that the virus is gone. In most, the body clears the virus completely, so it’s actually gone.

However, in some people, the hepatitis B infection enters a chronic stage. This happens in only about 5% of adults, although it’s more common in babies or children who acquire the virus. Not all of those who still have the virus experience symptoms. Those who are still found to have the virus on blood tests, but don’t show any symptoms or signs of liver damage, are called hepatitis B carriers. However, others do show signs of liver damage from the virus; these people have chronic hepatitis B. In some of them, the ongoing liver damage leads to cirrhosis (hardening of the liver) or liver cancer. Approximately 20% of those with chronic hepatitis B will die of these complications.