Gonorrhoea Singapore

Gonorrhea in Singapore: Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted illness. It causes pain with urination and other symptoms. It is treatable, but if untreated can lead to sterility.

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Definition/Causes/Risk Factors

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted infection caused by bacteria. In Singapore, gonorrhea is among the five most common sexually transmitted infections. The bacterium that causes this illness is called Neisseria gonorrhoeae, and it’s a very small, round organism.

This infection is very easily transmitted. For a man having sex just one time with a woman who has gonorrhea, there’s a 20% chance he’ll get gonorrhea. For a woman having sex with a man who has gonorrhea, the risk is much higher, 60 to 80%, from just one act of sexual intercourse. For men who have sex with men, the risk is similar to that of a woman who has sex with men.

However, the bacteria that cause gonorrhea are not able to survive for long outside of a human body. Because of this, the bacteria cannot be transmitted on objects such as toilet seats.