Genital Herpes Treatment Singapore

Genital Herpes Treatment in Singapore: Genital herpes is viral, spreads by contact and causes genital blisters. Once you have herpes, it can recur many times. There is no cure or vaccine.


There are antiviral treatments available, which can shorten the duration and severity of an outbreak of herpes. The drugs reduce the pain as well as the number of blisters that form, and can limit the spread of the infection to adjacent areas. The antiviral medications can be taken orally, or can be applied as an ointment to the area.

Antiviral medications can also be used to reduce the rate of recurrence of genital herpes. This is called suppressive therapy. The person has to take the treatment every day, whether or not they’re having an outbreak of herpes; this can be expensive and sometimes has side effects. Because of this, and because herpes is not a severe or life-threatening disease, many people with genital herpes don’t take suppressive medications. It’s usually only recommended for those who have at least four outbreaks per year. In those who do use suppressive therapy, doctors generally recommend stopping the medications periodically (usually after one year) to assess whether the treatment is still needed. Because the frequency of recurrences naturally decreases over time in most people, suppressive therapy may not continue to be useful for the lifetime.