Genital Herpes Testing Singapore

Genital Herpes Testing in Singapore: Genital herpes is viral, spreads by contact and causes genital blisters. Once you have herpes, it can recur many times. There is no cure or vaccine.


Testing for herpes is not included in routine screenings for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Usually, no testing is necessary to diagnose herpes when the blisters or ulcers are present. A medical professional may diagnose herpes based on the appearance of the rash.

However, to confirm the diagnosis of genital herpes and to determine whether it’s caused by HSV-1 or HSV-2, a test can be used. A small amount of the fluid from one of the blisters is collected onto a cotton swab. The swab is sent to the laboratory, where it’s assessed for the presence of HSV. This can determine whether HSV is present, and if so, which type of HSV it is.

Another possibility is to test the blood for antibodies to HSV. However, if this test is positive, it only shows that there’s been an exposure to herpes at some point, and that the immune system reacted appropriately. It doesn’t necessarily prove that any current symptoms are caused by HSV, or that there is a current outbreak. However, if the test is negative, that would show that the current symptoms are not caused by herpes, because the person hasn’t been exposed to the virus.