Chlamydia Treatment Singapore

Chlamydia Treatment in Singapore: Chlamydia is a bacterial infection that can be transmitted by sex. It’s easily treated, but if left untreated can cause infertility, blindess, and arthritis.


Chlamydia is relatively easy to treat with antibiotics. Usually, a course of oral antibiotics (pills) will be taken for several days, although an injectable antibiotic that’s given in the clinic may also be used. Pregnant women should be treated, and a type of antibiotic that’s safe during pregnancy will be chosen for treatment.

It’s important that your partner be treated as well. Otherwise, he or she may have chlamydia, and may give it back to you again later. Since many (even most) chlamydia infections are asymptomatic, it’s important for your partner to be tested even if he or she doesn’t have symptoms. Some clinics will simply give you a prescription for enough medication for both of you, and you can give your partner the medication. Not all clinics are comfortable with this, however; some will want your partner to come for an appointment. Again, it’s important for both of your health that your partner gets treated.

If you’ve had several partners during the period when you were contagious, then all of your partners should be tested and treated as necessary. If you’re not comfortable contacting them yourself, many clinics will contact your partners for you. They won’t reveal your name or diagnosis without your permission; they will simply tell each partner that they should visit a clinic for screening for sexually transmitted infections. It’s very important that you provide the contact information for all of your partners, because they may have chlamydia infections with no symptoms, and they may spread chlamydia to others if they aren’t treated.

If you’re diagnosed with chlamydia, you should also be tested for other sexually transmitted infections, because the same sexual activity that transmitted the chlamydia may have also given you another disease.