Candidiasis Prevention Singapore

Candidiasis Prevention in Singapore: Candidiasis, also called a “yeast infection,” can mimic other sexually transmitted infections. It’s uncomfortable, but easily treated with medication.


There is no vaccine against candidiasis, and given that the Candida yeast that causes it is normally present on many people, such a vaccine is fairly unlikely.

Genital yeast infections can be passed to a sexual partner, through direct contact of the genitals. Vaginal candidiasis in Singapore has been on the rise, and is thought to be sexually transmitted in many cases. This can be prevented through the use of condoms. If you have candidiasis, you should refrain from having sex until your symptoms are completely gone. That way, you will avoid passing the infection to your partner, who could then pass it back to you. Again, keep in mind that what you think is a yeast infection may actually be something else, and potentially something more serious and potentially damaging, so you should visit your doctor before attempting self-treatment.

Because candidiasis is not always a sexually transmitted infection, avoidance of sex will not necessarily prevent you from getting this infection. Taking antibiotics does put you at higher risk for candidiasis, but that isn’t a reason to avoid taking antibiotics if you need them for another problem. However, it’s one among several reasons to avoid taking antibiotics that you don’t really need (for instance, nearly all colds are viral, and antibiotics won’t help).